NGG Contest

Listen close because I have 2 minutes,
To tell you why I think I need FREE tickets!
First I have a Collaborative Nature,
So any opportunity for me to learn, I need to capture.
May 18th, 2010,
Was the day I joined GovLoop & YGL.
Ever since then my knowledge base has expanded,
Never do I take my public service for granted.
In order to stay connected and be equipped for the job,
I’ve gotta “Get my Geek On!”, “Bridge the Gap” and work hard!
I know I’ve got some skills but there’s always room for improvement,
Through Networking & Innovation, I can improve my skillset.
And as I learn I’ll pass it on,
To anyone who would listen, so we can all Rock On!
Because we’re ALL “Rockstars”, “Getting Things Done!”
Finding solutions to the problems – The battle’s won!
So lastly, I hope you consider this plea,
Because the benefit of my attendance, will not only serve me.
Ultimately, the goal is a united front,
Of giving “People” exactly what they want.
Transparently, finding the coolest ways to Progess,
This is the end of the video, so have a great week ,and God Bless!

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Andrew Krzmarzick

My favorite line (along with the delivery of it): “And as I learn I’ll pass it on” –

…and anybody that references “Good Times” gets my vote. 🙂