NIST Security Configuration Checklist for Intel vPro Technology

The NIST Security Configuration Checklist for Intel vPro Technology provides information your IT team needs in order to make maximum use of the hardware available in your enterprise (assuming your have modern IT- if you don’t, then this checklist provides yet another impetus to modernize: you cannot secure legacy IT like you can modern vPro IT.

Here is a summary of this checklist, from the NIST site at:


Notebook and desktop PCs with Intel vPro technology enable IT to take advantage of hardware-assisted security and manageability capabilities that enhance their ability to maintain, manage, and protect their business PCs. And with the latest IT management consoles from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with native Intel vPro technology support, IT can now take advantage of enhanced features to manage notebooks over a wired or corporate wireless network- or even outside the corporate firewall through a wired LAN connection.

PCs with Intel vPro technology integrate hardware-based security and enhanced maintenance and management capabilities that work with ISV consoles. Because these capabilities are built into the hardware, Intel vPro technology provides IT with the industry’s first solution for OS-absent manageability and down-the-wire security even when the PC is off, the OS is unresponsive, or software agents are disabled.

Recommendation: Download the security checklist yourself and get it into the hands of your enterprise IT team. It has information relevant to your architects, O&M team and security professionals.

You can download it from the NIST site, or direct from here: http://web.nvd.nist.gov/view/ncp/repository/checklist/download?id=585&cid=1

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