No virtual mayor for Chicago Transit Authority

The City of Chicago (IL) has teamed up with mobile application foursquare, but the Chicago Tribune points out a glaring omission: No Chicago Transit Authority stops are included on the list. Last week, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a partnership with the location-based app; residents and visitors can earn an official Windy City badge if they check in at at least five of 20 designated neighborhood spots, including a mural, a doughnut shop, an artisan brewery, and a handful of museums. Although CTA stations have become popular informal check-in spots, the city’s official list does not include the CTA. Tracy Swartz writes about the omission in the Chicago Tribune’s RedEye blog:

The “L” is one of the most unique aspects of Chicago, and it would have been nice if it was part of the foursquare list. Perhaps the inclusion would have encouraged Chicagoans to go beyond their CTA routine and explore their city by riding their train or bus a few stops farther than usual or trying a different line altogether.

Foursquare is a social application where members share their locations with friends; by checking in at specific destinations they can earn virtual badges and become the “mayor” of a spot. Link to full story in Chicago Tribune.

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