Obama’s Reddit AMA, Intelligence Community Cloud Operating System, and More

Here’s today’s federal cybersecurity and information technology news:

  • The Army added two new appendices to its guide “End-State Army Enterprise Network Architecture” that provide further guidance and standards for deployed tactical and the enterprise networks. More here.
  • The National Association of State Chief Information Officers released a report advising members to develop a Big Data strategy. More here.
  • The Department of Homeland Security is asking the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to help develop better body scanners that are faster, smaller, more accurate, and more secure against hackers. More here.
  • President Obama hosted an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, a popular discussion board website, that overwhelmed the site with traffic. More here.
  • The National Security Agency’s Security-Enhanced Android (SE Android) project seeks to fill mobile security gaps on Android smartphones. More here.
  • The Central Intelligence Agency’s investment firm In-Q-Tel is working to develop a private cloud operating system for the intelligence community. More here.

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