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Yesterday I had a conversation with a senior sales rep by the name of Dan Adams from Oculis Labs, a Carahsoft partner. He was showing me a demonstration of the latest update of their software Private Eye Version 3.3. I was interested in this because I blogged about Private Eye over the summer after watching a demo and being impressed with the software. Private Eye is display protection for your computer screen, and is available for the enterprise. It uses your computers webcam to recognize your face when you are looking at it. If you look away or step away from your computer, the software realizes this and immediately blurs the computer screen, protecting against unwanted eavesdroppers and casual bystanders.

Private Eye will also search behind you while you are using your computer, so that if someone approaches behind you, their face will register and the screen will again be blurred. You can even set it to show that person’s face in a window on your computer, or you can have a custom screen pop up that warns the person that your screen is protected. This a great way to protect the personal information on your computer from being picked up by someone right behind you. Oculis Labs is really pushing their Enterprise edition right now, which allows for greater administrator control. If your company works with sensitive data, Private Eye might be something you want to look into.

The updated Version 3.3 is a step up from previous editions. Oculis has improved the interface and made the software more capable of “learning” your face. If you sometimes wear glasses, but not all of the time, you can add you face into the authorized users database with and without glasses, and Private Eye will recognize both. It can even learn you with or without a beard. Further, you can now have multiple users authorized for access. You can set this us in the initial installation, and it will be transparent to users from then out. Over time the system actually gets better and faster at recognizing your face. Oculis wants to make this known, so that people using the free trial do not get frustrated right away. Give it some time to learn who you are. The new version is more forgiving, and allows for different levels of protection: normal, high, and custom. Another cool option is that if you walk away from your computer, the camera can be configured to take a photo and record it of anyone that sits down at your computer while you are away.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to download the free trial to test it since I have a MacBook, but the company is hoping to offer Private Eye for Mac eventually. Oculis Labs also offers their government solution, Chameleon, which is suited and approved for classified material protection. If you have downloaded the free trial or tried out this product, write us review in the comments section below. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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