Open data to help your lifestyle choices

Its here! The app that all London bus users have been waiting for has finally been developed. This blog on Public Strategist humorously describes the positive effect on a daily commute, that knowing when the buses will arrive, can have.

In Rome, the position of pedestrians using mobile phone activity and buses with GPS has been visualised here. Useful maybe for avoiding the crowds of tourists in the summer months.

With a more exotic flavour this visualisation below shows where best to get a taxi in Singapore when it rains. In a city with tropical weather that is so reliant on taxis, this could be a godsend to the average office worker. This is an example of the impressive work being done on the LIVE Singapore project, where the aim is to use information about the mass movement of the population and their use of transport and communications, to enable people to make choices to help them in their day to day activities.

These are all examples of using open data from cities to create something of value to its citizens. Is there any information that would be of value to your city, town or village in Kent? Let us know and we will try to publish it on Open Kent.

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Matthew Kerr

Cool thanks Andrew. How do you do that? I mean I know about embedding the HTML code, but where does one paste it? Just next to the text?