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Advance Your Potential by Widening Your Search

Look at your own skillset and research an industry that you might not have considered before and try to imagine how that sector could benefit from what you have to offer.

The Challenges at Play for Government Data

This blog post is an excerpt from the recent GovLoop and Oracle industry perspective, Mitigating the Impact of Data Loss & Outages in Government. Download the full report here. Agencies across government and the nation’s critical departments — including transportation, energy, emergency services and financial services — rely on electronic data and the related computer… Read more »

How Situational Awareness Protects Data

Cybersecurity is difficult at agencies due a constantly changing cyber environment and consistent cyberthreats. Perhaps the most important asset for an agency to protect is it’s data. Find out how situational awareness is helping agencies understand new devices in their environment and how they can better protect their data.