Opening doors through innovation in open data

Can the expertise of two completely separate innovators open doors that were shut? Rufus Pollock, co-founder of the Open Knowledge Foundation that looks at the promotion of information and people using it, presented a speech on the value of data.

Rufus suggests, “The issue is bridging the divide between people who have the data, or the expertise to analyse or visualise it, and the people who really have the need to access that data for some purpose.”

Which kinds of people mix well together? John Kingsbury decided that the perfect combination would involve providers of data, local authorities or other local providers, and digital media developers or software designers.

Jon goes on to explain that the exhibited differing characteristics of digital media developers and coders portrays the same design process and increases services that are built specifically with people in mind.

How will this keep us ahead in the ‘race’ for innovation? “It is the idea that they are disruptive by nature, always looking at ways to mediate, or cut out the middle man, and try to build new disruptive and innovative services.”

So how should we work together with all those different players with www.openkent.org.uk?

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