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Refine and Reuse Data with ScraperWiki

We know that developers will be looking to reuse open data for the OS Open Data and OS Open Space Challenge (not the only challenge, see here for the other one!) for ourcompetition event. So we asked @vacantimouse from ScraperWiki to describe what a tool that enables people to reuse and refine open data. ManyRead… Read more »

Making the Most of Open Data through Linked Data

A guest blog by @ricroberts, CTO of Swirrl, creators of The award winning Linked Data Publishing platform. Studies around open data often focus on the “armchair auditor”, and although these people do exist they are just a small contingent of those who could benefit from good open data. When considering the audience for openRead… Read more »

Designing Open Data for Simplicity

Just saw this tweet by @mat_hunter the Chief Design Officer at the @DesignCouncil. I went to the first event of the Inspire Connect series hosted by the Design Council and organised by @amandagore and her @dcchallenges team as part of it’s “Living Well with Dementia” Challenge Competition. 1. The issue of dementia is very personalRead… Read more »

Ideas of the week

One wonderful idea submitted for Developing Solutions Camp is ‘Feeling Local’. The idea is to aggregate news feeds from social media for a given geographical area and analyse the sentiments to determine whether the prevailing mood for that area is happy or sad. How best to use it The originator of the idea is confidentRead… Read more »

Twitter Chat on Open Data and Open 311

There’s still time to sign up for the Kent Connects Developing Solutions Camp on 25 November in Gravesend and help design or develop prototypes for selected ideas. Find out how to get involved & register for the event here. Kent Connects competition aims to stimulate collaboration between public services, entrepreneurs and communities to develop innovativeRead… Read more »

Social reporting through the social silicon valleys

First published at Social Reporters. As we’re preparing for our innovation camp, we’ve been reflecting on how we can stimulate collaboration between entrepreneurs, students andcommunities. Having just seen the impressive Civicrowd being used in South Holland (to my surprise, it’s in England) developed by @davebriggs and it provoked a couple of thoughts as I wasRead… Read more »

Open 311 for the lost generation?

We often talk about how we can empower digital entrepreneurs/developers/geeks, etc to develop the new apps to support our communities or transform our services, but like any change in culture of how we interact between councils and local people with skills, it can take time…even a generation. We have @hubmum‘s excellent “Coding for Kids” initiative,Read… Read more »

Taking care of ourselves, other people and our world

We’ve invited James Togut from The Good Life For All to guest blog for us as the winner of the best idea for the “Help People Help Each Other” Challenge in our Competition (if you were thinking the competition is over, think again, we’ve now launched the second half which is for designers and developersRead… Read more »