OS X Mountain Lion released, Nexus Q shipping and more

Mountain Lion brings the latest updated Mac OS to the consumer today

Here are the tech stories that we at CTOVision feel are most important today.

  • While Apple’s Mountain Lion has been in beta and review versions since February, today is the first day you can buy it. The price (only $20) isn’t bad, and the update will work with older technology (back to around 2008). Gizmodo has a great wrap-up of all things Mountain Lion here.
  • Samsung releases their trial brief to the Wall Street Journal, as reported by the Boy Genius Report. This brief shines some light on Samsung’s case, and provides quite a few bullets for the Anti-Apple crowd. More here.
  • Google has been releasing some interesting videos to tell you how to use your Google Nexus 7. This is a great step to help people on the edge purchase their tablet. Via Android Authority here.
  • Apple released their last quarters numbers, and while they are quite strong, they are apparently the source of much consternation on Wall Street. We have spoken before of Apple’s cyclical releases, and what they do to dictate profits for the firm. ZDNet reports that Chinese sales of the iPhone were down; however, overall iPad sales were up. More here.
  • Qualcomm releases details on their $1300 developer tablet (and consequently their quad-core Snapdragon mobile processor. More at Anandtech here.
  • Google’s Nexus Q is finally shipping. The Nexus Q (which we gave our thoughts on earlier) is finally on its way out to customers, and back-ordered again. Via Google here.
  • Apple continues to dominate tablet market share, with 68% of Q2 sales (note: no Nexus 7 sales are part of this) and it will be extremely intriguing to see the Q3 sales numbers. Via Strategy Analytics.

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