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Our Future

No, this isn’t about the latest tech gadget or how invisibility cloaks are becoming a reality. No, this about something just as important to our future…students and youth.

USGS Hydrotech, Josh Latimore.This week the U.S. Geological Survey launched an effort to highlight some of the amazing and talented students/youth that work at the USGS. Each month, we’ll be highlighting a new student/youth in various ways:

  • A “Top Story” on the main USGS homepage which is written by the student/youth themselves.
  • A candidvideo produced and edited by the employee themselves.
  • Modifying the profile pictures of our main @USGS Twitter account, Facebook page, and YouTube Channel to feature the employee…truly show this person (and these future people) are the future faces of the USGS.
  • Sharing their story and video through our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube presences.

There are many goals behind this effort, one of which is to show how the USGS values the passion and determination that our students and youth bring to the organization.

Some of the others goals are to:

  • get existing USGS students/youth connected to each by way of their existing public social networks…in the hopes that they can continue that relationship internally at the USGS and learn from each other.
  • get existing USGS students/youth connected with those that might be interested in working for a highly-respected science agency like the USGS.
  • improve the use of social applications and tools internally to help further foster those connections between existing students/youth.
  • provide a way for interested students/youth to learn from, and ask questions of, existing USGS students/youth so they don’t come into an organization on Day 1 without knowing what to do, who to talk to, where to go, etc. By forging that public connection, they’ll already have an internal support system to give them tips and introduce them to others.

Those are just a few of the bigger things we’re hoping to get out of this effort. We’re very excited about this effort and we can’t wait to see what creative videos our students and youth put together, how they connect with others, and how they can connect with others internally to further their personal and professional relationships. Keep an eye out for next month!

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Scott Horvath

Thanks David…glad you like it. We’re pretty excited about the effort and we hope our employees, and others, appreciate it.


Awesome – will be interested in hearing as well what ideas the USGS students/youth have about the effort – always good to hear from folks with a fresh perspective