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Announcing In 1994 when the USGS launched it’s first website, the web was a very different place. Many websites that were launched had little consideration given to, or even had an understanding of, things such user experience, content strategies, or design. Over the next 20 years our USGS web presence has grown immensely asRead… Read more »

App-lifying USGS Earth Science Data

The USGS has a wealth of data and we’ve recently launched our first-ever challenge through While this is the first challenge, it’s doubtful to be the last. If you know anyone who loves getting their fingers into 0s and 1s, then please share this with them. Here’s a little bit about the challenge: App-lifyingRead… Read more »

Secret: The Top 7 Undisclosed Benefits of Telework

Photo credit: citrixonline from Flickr We often hear about the benefits of teleworking (e.g., cost savings, gas, more mobile workforce, etc), but what people don’t always tell you are those undisclosed benefits that you don’t realize until you actually telework regularly. I’ve been teleworking for about one month now. I do 2 days in theRead… Read more »

Our Future

No, this isn’t about the latest tech gadget or how invisibility cloaks are becoming a reality. No, this about something just as important to our future…students and youth. This week the U.S. Geological Survey launched an effort to highlight some of the amazing and talented students/youth that work at the USGS. Each month, we’ll beRead… Read more »

Don’t Go It Alone…You’re Not a Social Media Superstar

One of things you hear over and over is the concern about managing a Twitter account or a Facebook account and how do you deal with the influx of all those questions and comments. In many cases, the fear of not having time to actively respond is so great that it results in scaring agenciesRead… Read more »

Taking a Stand

How many times have you had someone email you, or tweet, one of those “Did you know…?” images that are intended to make you take a stand against something or make some sort of positive change in the world? For example, they might tell you about what it takes to create a bottle of waterRead… Read more »