Our New Year’s Resolution: BeAccessible

This post was recently published by the BuyAccessible team on the Accessibility Forum 2.0 blog. (http://buyaccessible.net/blog/ )

Our New Year’s resolution is to move from focusing on just BuyAccessible to BeAccessible. Our current tools provided Section 508 guidance for government buyers of Electronic and Information Technology (EIT). But, Section 508 also includes development, maintenance and use of accessible EIT. To assist users to BeAccessible, our goal is to provide our tools and resources for these other types of uses and make these tools and resources easy to find. For example, EIT developers could use the current BuyAccessible tools to determine Section 508 requirements for a specific product; however, the path to this information is not very clear. We plan to package these development guides in a manner which makes them easily accessible to the intended end user. We are also thinking about customizing resources for users with disabilities to help them, for example, know what accessibility features are important in a particular product type.

Do you have any ideas about tools and resources that could be useful to BeAccessible?

Here is more information on the Accessibility Forum 2.0 blog (http://buyaccessible.net/blog/?page_id=2 ). We plan to keep publishing more content from that blog on my GovLoop page.

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