Overdue Thank You(s)

A little out of my typical technical only post theme. Amazon delivered two books today I purchased with gift cards from my former second line manager at Microsoft, Yoav Intrator:

  • Disciplined Entrepreneurship, Bill Aulet
  • Ten Types of Innovation, Pikkel, Quinn & Walters

Topics I really care about, should be interesting reads this weekend.

I was truly blessed that Yoav had the faith and patience to have me grow into a competent writer. Between he and my colleague Richard Webb –whose virtual Red Pen never ran out of ink :-) –which was always appreciated, together with a recommendation on a writing course from my friend Ken Hall (Gensler) helped me to grow into a more intentional writer. Or competent enough that another colleague Martin Sykes has agreed to mentor me along the book writing and publishing path I’m pursuing during all my available time at night.

Yoav Thank You

Yoav, you suggested I write what I’m passionate about which is what Structure in Threes will be. Hopefully others will find it useful.

Thank You all once again for you encouragement and support. I hope we’ll have the opportunity in the future to collaborate again.


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