Overview of blog posts about ServiceNation

Hey Govloopers,

I recent was appointed the Director of Online Operations and Partnerships for Be the Change, Inc. Enjoy this summary of blog posts from the ServiceNation Summit and Forum.

Here are some highlights of blog posts of the ServiceNation Presidential Candidates Forum on Service and well as the Service Nation Forum.

Bloggers at the Summit

Julia Rocchi – Blog, Twitter

Amy Potthast – Blog, Twitter

Britt Bravo – Blog, Twitter

Liza Sabater – Blog, Twitter

Roger Carr – Blog, Twitter

Allison Fine – Blog, Twitter

David Berkowitz – Blog, Twitter

Christina Kerley – Blog, Twitter

Alan Wolk – Blog, Twitter

Nedra Weinreich – Blog, Twitter

Future Leaders in Philanthropy (FLip) – Blog, Twitter

David Reich – Blog

Conservation Nation – Blog

Larry Littlefield – Blog

PEI Journal – http://peinews.blogspot.com/2008/09/service-nation-summit.html

Columbia Graduate School of Journalism students – http://obamamccainatcolumbia.blogspot.com/

Other blogs posts – From blogger not at the summit:

Twitter posts – http://twemes.com/SN08

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Joe – Congrats on the new gig and the great work over at ServiceNation. I’m excited to see ServiceNation grow and bring to light the important issues of public service. Hopefully we’ll see some movement on these issues with the next president.

Joseph Porcelli

Working for ServiceNation is incredible and I super duper excited about being apart of this movement. Our people are our Nations greatest resources. Now to inspire and plug people in!