Parody of It’s A Hard Knock/Federal Life Lyrics

A group of four of us did this at NSF’s Combined Federal Campaign Talent Show:

It’s a job that’s hard to love.
Cause our Congress is above.

ANNIE: Steada Respect
ORPHANS: Get the stick

ANNIE: Steada Kudos
ORPHANS: We get kicks

It’s a federal job
Pay and benefits are so-so
Til the Congress drops them low

ORPHANS: ‘Steada law

ANNIE: More work rules
ORPHANS: ‘Steada few


Glad ya got a job

Don’t it feel like the carping’s never ending
Don’t it seem like there’s never any light
Once a day, don’t you wanna chuck the job in
It’s easier than puttin’ up a fight

Few are there when you become a target
Few cheer when you achieve, but if you fail….!!!
You’re lucky if you get any justice

From all the joy, you’d think this place a jail


Lousy work life!
Rotten boss life!
Full of sorrow life
No tomorrow life

Equal pay we will not see
Pay comparability

No one cares for you or Bob
Since you’ve got a fed’ral job

It’s a hard knock job

(Making a whistling sound and imitating Miss Hannigan) You’ll make this Agency a model of efficiency with less budget and FTE.

More work, less pay
That’s the Federal way
Regulations new today
Congress has their say

(whistle) Back to work!
(whistle) Efficiency uber alles!
(whistle) I said back to work!

It’s a job that’s hard to love
‘Cause our Congress is above
When things go wrong, there’re flares
When things go right, no one cares

It’s a hard knock job
It’s a hard knock life
It’s a hard knock job

[*] FEPCA: Federal Employee Pay Comparability Act

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