Pathways Program

Effective 7/12/2012 – I understand the Pathways Program has started. What I am tying to understand is in working with veterans with 10 points preference will they still be able to get into the program using their preference. I am ready to direct many of our Recent Graduate Veterans to this program and want to make sure I am directing them accurately. I have mentioned to some who are waiting that they must look for these opportunities online. As a Career Coach I am going to ensure they make the most of this great opportunity. I hope to help them to determine a good fit with the right agency and job. Then select a career target and title(s).

I have waited for this for a year and have been following the Pathways Program. I am hoping to be able to begin contacting agency HR people for a date of implementation. I have already started doing that and many agencies say it is in the works and moving forward. Several have mentioned that they will be ready the end of July.

This is all exciting for me! My passion is in helping the military find jobs as soon as they graduate and also possibly take advantage of opportunities while they are school. There are many that have gone through training programs and do not have a degree but a Certificate of Training for programs specializing for instance as Medical Support Assistant, Homeland Security, Nursing Assistant and others. I understand they may be able to apply using a Certificate as well.

If there is anyone who can provide me with information I will share it with all the military recent graduates and also college graduates.

Thank you so much
I am a Federal Job Search Trainer (Since 1999)
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