Platform As A Service, Giving the IT world D-Business, Know your DAM use cases


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Platform As A Service

Platform As A Service (PaaS) is slowly becoming popular in the IT industry. Organizations are beginning to invest in a quicker solution for their everyday operations. PaaS affords customers the opportunity to lease virtualized software to coherently function in the same capacity of existing applications. Mario Cruz, the CTO for Choose Digital, decided to invest in PaaS. He explained in this article how PaaS revolutionize his past experienced in new develop products. “In my old life, a project could take easily four to six months…”. Click PaaS to read more.

Giving the IT world D-Business

Some analyst predict d business will replace its predecessor e business. Digital business or d business is based off the premises of changing the IT climate towards conducting everyday business. Instead of IT and business coherently existing, they will merge to become one. The focus will change from a consumer approach to a collaborator approach. A well known software vendor tweets a message saying “We are searching for a new idea to prevent social media attacks. The successful candidate will get hired in the software development department”. Click d business for more on this article.

Can you have Big Data and personal data privacy?

Since the late 90′s, several privacy laws have passed worldwide to address what is considered personal and private information. A clear distinction between the two has not been established. Big Data can include multiple forms of personal information. This information could be deemed detrimental to a company but not for an individual entity. Legal repercussions may result from a company utilizing this information erroneously. Click Big Data for more on this article.

Is outsourcing worth the hassle?

One topic being discussed during boardroom conversations is outsourcing. Will “outsourcing test efforts on large Agile teams?” Agile outsourcing normally involves an open-ended contract that does not provide a detailed explanation for the resources being rendered. A company can experience high risks when choosing an agile outsource solution. One thing to ponder before making a decision on agile outsourcing is:

Why do you want to use Agile outsourcing? Is it to:

  1. Bring subject matter experts to assist with a time sensitive project?
  2. Establish open communications with mini teams strategically located through a region?

Whatever your reasons, there are pros and cons of agile outsourcing. Read More. and Even More

Know your DAM use cases

A digital asset management (DAM) strategy is used to assist the management of digital media. However a full blown DAM may not be the best solution for your organization. A photograph can be used to depict several different facets for a company. The photograph can be used in marketing, online solicitation of a product, or as an advertisement brochure. The photograph may directly impact the Marketing department but have no effect in the Human Resource department. It is best to identify the use cases and cater the DAM towards them. Read DAM use cases

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