Poll signals trouble for government oil spill response

Happy Thursday! Here’s an interesting nugget in the new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll regarding the BP oil spill:
45 percent of respondents think the government hasn’t done enough in
response to the spill, while 43 percent say it has done enough. The
numbers are a bit worse for British Petroleum: 50 percent say the
company has not done enough, while 37 percent think it has.

As that video above demonstrates, the spill remains one of those tricky situations where government has to rely on BP to cap the leak and
can’t step in to do the job itself. The longer that gash spews
uncontrollably, the longer doubts about the government response will

But the White House keeps reminding anyone who will listen that it’s not only responding on the scene, but also working on policy solutions
back in Washington. President Obama submitted legislation on Wednesday
that would allow the government to accelerate assistance to impacted
people and update the oil spill liability system.

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