Press Releases Wanted!

Dear U.S. Government Community,

My news service NewsRoom America is about to relaunch our site, and an important part of this will be publishing press releases from the private and public sectors in real-time. We have capacity for up to 100,000 per day. It will be free to contribute and free to access, and we are interested in information at federal, state and local level.

We believe such a service will enhance the democratic process as it allows everyone to see the same information at the same time, and is not subject to editorial selection or space restraints of traditional media. As traditional media become more polarised and opinionated, it will also become more important in the future for organisations to get their messages directly to the public as quickly as possible.

We have done considerable research on information offerings from US government departments and while some are excellent some are left wanting, and there does not appear to be one central place where journalists or the public can sign up to email feeds. (RSS is not preferable because it is not “real time” delivery.) Gov Delivery is sort of helpful but doesnt not have an easy to access and comprehensive list, that we can find anyway.

What we find most useful is real-time email lists we can join, but these are often “B” lists online. The ideal is to be on media email lists so we can get the info in real time, and it is then automatically posted to our web site as a press release from your organisation. You can add your organisation to our feed by putting the email address [email protected] on your media list.

I have nearly 15 years experience in Internet media and 25 as a journalist, and sold my New Zealand version ( of what we now plan to do in America to the New Zealand stock exchange NZX in 2007. It revolutionised government communciations in New Zealand.

In exchange for help I am happy to share my knowledge on online communications and help provide a better platform for US government information to reach its intended recipients. We would be happy to feed this information back into govloop as well as a way of enhancing you great community.

Please feel free to contact me on [email protected]

Warmest regards

Peter Fowler

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Cindy Lou Baker

I assume the site will be searchable by keyword? I get our federal manager ( federal week ( I also get ( which has been pretty interesting lately. ( is another great resource. I kind of like the separation and competition toward honesty that the media is going through right now. If you don’t watch/read it all, you won’t know the truth! Good Luck.

Peter Fowler

Thanks Cindy … yes searchable by keyword and build your own categories which will filter by email. We also plan “build your own news service” where people can select feeds to create a news service in their sphere of interest. Separation/competition is a good thing as long as they are telling the truth. Watching your heathcare debate with interest for example. Research shows many thousands die because no heath insurance even in hospital but media dont seem to focus on the wellbeing of the American people as the primary issue, and rather the threat “socialism” which I suspect is powerful health lobby at play protecting its patch. NZ has free healthcare for all its citizens and we are as stronger democracy as the US, but media seem to ignore our example. Anyway I digress and will check your sites. Thanks for your comments. Kind regards Peter