Public Service Recognition Week – May 5-11, 2013

How are you celebrating Public Service Recognition Week?

It shocks me that a lot of public service employees don’t even know about this annual event, which is usually honored in a Congressional resolution. This is the one opportunity that we have to honor public service. Everyone in public service should celebrate this week in their own way – have an award ceremony, have a picnic, participate in a town hall meeting, sponsor a team of the Public Sector 5K. Do something to show your appreciation for others and to honor public service.

I hope to be part of a team for the Public Sector 5K on Sunday, May 5th and will participate in the Partnership for Public Service Town Hall on Monday, May 6th. For a list of events, visit the link below.

How are you celebrating Public Service Recognition Week?

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We’ve got a the week full of events at the Arizona Lottery. One day which I am proud of is that I got our Leadership team to kick off the week Monday with “Leadership service Day” – Our Agency Director and Asst. Directors will be stopping by with a beverage cart to pour beverages & provide a small snack for employees (think flight attendant) – as well as handing out a proclamation.


I would like see something that celebrates the individual contributor rather than the workforce as a whole. It is this model of valuing the organization, the team, or the institution that is crumbling. Here is a good overview from Gov2.0LA that shows how various government agencies and entities are using social media for the greater good, and to put a face to the “badge and the patch” in the case of law enforcement:

Terrence (Terry) Hill

Thanks for sharing Megan and Tricia! I agree that recognition starts at the individual level, but it doesn’t hurt to celebrate organizational achievements too. I’m glad that the Partnership for Public Service has taken the lead on this event and will be live webcasting their Town Hall Meeting, which includes many cabinet secretaries, on Monday.

What are other organizations doing to celebrate Public Service Recognition Week?