Putting Your Degree In Front Of Your Name

Hello, Fellow Govlooper’s,

What are the standard procedures of adding those hasty little letters, that you worked your hind end off in school to earn, in front of your name? And what if you earned several degrees, which one should go in front of your name?

My thought is that yes you should put those letters in front of your name, besides you worked hard to earn that degree!

However, my thoughts only validate the reason for why I do it and why I should do it. According to the research that I completed, it says that an individual should only put the letters in front of there name if they are working in the field of their degree, if it would assist them in finding work (according to the research, depending on the community in which the person works, putting the name in front of a name could actually be detrimental for finding work), and an individual should only put their highest earned degree in front of their name (most often only a Master’s or Ph.D).

To finish out this blog I thought that I would place the link to the website for the National Association of Schools Of Public Affairs & Administration Public Administration which represents the degree in which I am earning and provides justification as to why graduates in this field should put an MPA or MPP in front of their name.

Link: http://www.naspaa.org/students/careers/why.asp

Should individuals put the letters of their degree which they earned in front of their name? What do you think? Why?

Please share your thoughts and feedback!

Thank You,

Michael O. Johnston, MPA 09′

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L P O'Neil

I’m an employer and interviewer:: it shouts out insecurity, and, possibly arrogance — always a dangerous combination. But hey, give it a shot. I go for people who don’t use their degrees on business cards, sigs, etc. If that’s all you have on offer, probably don’t have the rapid response, quick smarts needed these days. Humility….modesty…discretion…better part of…etc.etc.

June Breivik

I think degrees in front of your name looks stupid, it is not the degree that earns you respect but what you do. I totally agree with L P O’Neil and Ed.