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the instructions for required documents for the federal job state that Resume to be uploaded-with references (required), does it mean that the resume must contain names and contact info for references, or does it mean that I need to provide them with letters of references on the seperate paper, 1 sheet per reference, besides the contact number on resume?

I just want to make sure I understand this well. Sorry for asking, but this is my first time applying for federal job.


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Andrew Krzmarzick

Here’s the answer I received from federal resume expert Camille Roberts:

“You will need to build your résumé on the USAJobs Résumé Builder, as a builder résumé is required to apply to the majority of announcements posted on USAJobs. On the last page of the builder, there is a references section and you will just insert your references’ information in this block. You can then upload your .doc or .pdf résumé into the Saved Documents area of the USAJobs website, with the references being on the last page of the document. There is no need to have each reference on a separate page in this version of your résumé.”