Sometimes We Need to Let The Light In

Creating a professional “war room” has been a personal goal for me over the last five years or so.

I use that term to refer to a place where we can retreat when we run into obstacles that in our career that either stagnates progression or takes us totally off our path. It’s a place of the heart and mind where we find tranquility, insight, strength and courage. It’s a place where we can refuel ourselves for an upcoming battle. Think of it as “the cloud.”

It is not easy to remove oneself from the busyness of the day, to say the least. Trust me, I have had to tackle this situation for almost 40-plus years in public service.  We are constantly caught up in the comings and goings of the usual workday, in the team dynamics that are intended to give all employees their equitable opportunity to render input into business affairs. Still, there comes a time when what we need most is to remain quiet and patient and steer our own ship.

Image traveling into the great blue yonder while at the office.  See yourself and your career goals as sitting in the cloud waiting for you to grab. Plant and nurture your legacy in quiet – the world will never know your plans! No one can enter “the cloud” without you.

If your success plans don’t feel right for whatever reason, do not place that plan in the cloud. There are no viruses allowed in the cloud. Keep your future plans in the cloud clean and resilient against harmful intrusions.

Picture your cloud as a visual whiteboard.  Refer to your visual whiteboard as “tomorrow.” Put up pictures and make notes daily. Do not enter into a “hold” pattern with the plans in the cloud.

Incorporate social detachment. It frees your hold and grants you permission to move forward. Set your course! Do not create unused spaces in your head.  Remain grounded and quiet with responding to the mundane. Only gather purposefully!

Sow, plant, harvest!

Alice Boone has 40+ years of distinguished service in the federal government. Ms. “M” began her career in 1979, with the Department of Transportation, D.C. In 1984, Ms. “M” accepted a position with the Department of Defense. In 1993, she accepted a position with the National Science Foundation (NSF). Ms. “M” joined Veterans Affairs in 2008. In 2009, Ms. “M” volunteered at the White House under President Obama for three years. As of February 2020. Ms. “M” continues to display treasured skillsets as a Program Analyst.

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