Race for Reuse: Adopta

Much has been said about one of last year’s application, Adopt-a-Hydrant, a web app designed by 2011 fellows, Erik Michaels-Ober, enabling citizens to claim responsibility for civic infrastructure. Now generally referred to as, “Adopta,” the tool has been repurposed to apply to city property ranging from storm sirens to sidewalks.

We’ve selected Adopta as featured application in our Brigade campaign, Race for Reuse, because as the number of deployments grows, so to does the opportunity for both civic engagement and the sharing of best practices.

What would you “adopt” in your city: hydrants, sirens, or something else — maybe storm drains, intersections, or something else? And just as importantly, how would you promote it? We’ve seen posters work for Textizen, and events work for Honolulu Answers. What else is there, and what is working. Join the Race for Reuse and let us know @CodeforAmerica.

Questions? Comments? Hit us up @codeforamerica.

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