Racism: Alive and Well in Today’s Politics

The Huffington Post reports on comments made by RNC chairman Michael Steele:

The Young Republicans convention was held in Indianapolis last weekend and their election of a racist, middle-aged woman as President isn’t the only controversial item to come out of the GOP gathering.

Local Republican blog Hoosier Access was able to get RNC Chairman Michael Steele to sit down with a group of bloggers and they taped the conversation. The old gaffe-o-matic (or as I like to call him, the Republican Joe Biden!) answers a question from a gay person of color in this clip about the GOP’s diversity outreach.

Yes, that’s right. To lure African-Americans into the GOP, Steele is offering “fried chicken and potato salad.”

This is so outrageous, I’m just going to let it speak for itself. Between this and his comments about giving the GOP an urban, hip-hop makeover, I can’t believe this guy is still their chosen leader. Is this really what the more politically conservative among us want? Even from my outpost on the far, far left I can see that it’s not.

During last fall’s election cycle there was talk of the GOP splitting into two parties — one for true conservatives and one for the….”more colorful” folk, let’s say. What happened to this idea? Did it just blow away like so many crumbs of fried chicken skin?

I sincerely hope that those who believe in the ideologies underlying true conservative politics — as opposed to those of bigotry and blind patriotism mascarading as such — can take their party back. Or leave the party and form their own. They deserve it. I’m embarrassed by so-called liberals who say stupid things; I can only imagine how I’d feel if I were a conservative and had these doofuses representing me.

Besides, it’s time we had more parties. Two just isn’t enough. It magnifies the “us and them” tactics certain people love to use all too often.

To watch the video of Steele and read the full story, visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bil-browning/steele-gop-woos-blacks-wi_b_231534.html

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Yeah, I’ve been trying not to blog about politics (now that my election-season fervor has mellowed), but this was too outrageous. I wouldn’t want anyone like this representing me or my politics. Which is not to say there aren’t crazies on the left side either — because there are. Which is why I do not affiliate with any party anymore. I’ve gone rogue!