Rainmaker 19 – Foam Ball

Have you ever looked at electrical conduit (pipe) inside the walls of a building?
Do you know how electricians snake the wires through it?
They can’t push it. The wires bend and kink.
What they do is take a foam ball, the same size as the pipe, tie some fishing line to it, put a vacuum on the other end and suck the foam ball and fishing line through the pipe.
Then they attach metal tape, like a tape measure, to the fishing line and pull it back through the pipe.
Finally, they attach electrical wires to the tape and pull that back through the pipe, and that’s how you install electrical wires in conduit. If you think you are going to have to snake more wires through at a later date, you can include a run of fishing line with the electrical wires and leave it inside.
Communicating is a lot like pulling wires through conduit.
When I try to just ram my message through, it tends to bind and kink. Several unsuccessful attempts makes my message ugly and worn, maybe even breaks it.
Instead of pushing, a gentle pull to start the process is appreciated. Then a couple of easy back and forths gives us all confidence we can succeed.
Succeeding the first time takes a lot less time and effort than continually failing.

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Sales Lab’s Rainmaker 19, Foam Ball is 300 seconds of sheer enlightenment at The Capital Technology Management Hub, 6:30 pm on Tuesday, April 9 at Teqcorner, 1616 Anderson Road, Third Floor, McLean, VA 22102. Rainmaker 19 Foam Ball will be immediately followed by our headliner presentation, Tom Cooper, BrightHill Group, Are You Too Busy To Plan?

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