Random Acts of Kindness

Here in America, our celebrations are as diverse as our culture. However, there are some common threads we share – our belief in family, hope, peace and joy.  For my family and me it is a season of magic, a season of miracles, and yes, it is a season for giving gifts. But gifts are not always the beautiful presents we find wrapped beneath our tree. Gifts are also the kindness we show to others.

As I begin my reflection on 2016, I remember a former manager of mine.  She would have us choose names in the traditional fashion.  But this was not to exchange gifts within the government limits; it was to give each other a special priceless gift at our holiday luncheon.  We would share three things that we had learned from that individual during the year or that we admired about that individual.  If it sounds a bit hokey or scary to you, you are right where most of us were in the first time we participated in such an event.  But please know that some of my most memorable conversations and bonding moments with my teammates came from these luncheons.

Along with these luncheon conversations, we also did at least three random acts of kindness to anyone who crossed paths with us.  A random act of kindness is just as it sounds.  For no particular reason, you just help someone. So here is your challenge for the remainder of this holiday season.  Take note of a random act of kindness, that you either witness or do yourself, each day.  When you look for the good in others and the good that others do, you will become happier and more fulfilled as a person!  To get you started with ideas, check out the 29 Ways to Carry Out Random Acts of Kindness Every Day.

Have a Happy Holiday Season!

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I truly believe in Random Acts of Kindness. I recently was in a restaurant with my daughter and a lady came in alone. She was bald and we notice some waitress and waiters were laughing behind her back, pointing to her head. Not my waiter and he also was serving her. I told him I wanted to pay for her bill and he was amazed. I told him not to tell her who paid for it and just say hope she has a blessed day. I told our waiter the other waitress and waiters were laughing about her bald head. We ordered desert and he said he would not charge us for it. The manager came to our table and said our waiter had never experienced a random act of kindness and was just amazed that anyone would do that for a stranger. He thanked us and said the desert was on the house. I will make sure this is on my list of goals this year. One random act of kindness a month.


Thank you! What a great lesson for all! Your actions were a true blessing and represent what is most important in life. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog.
Happy New Year,