Real-time info, ITS improvements come to Kalamazoo

The City of Kalamazoo (MI) is making a series of transit ITS improvements for Metro Transit and its Metro County Connect paratransit service. “Our ITS will use a minimum of 18 different technologies,” transportation director Bill Schomisch told the city commissioners. “Bus schedules will be streamlined. People with visual impairments will be able to tell where the bus is while they are on the bus. Passengers will be able to tell when the bus will get to their stop.” Among the improvements are real-time bus arrival and departure information to be available online and at major bus stops, automated stop announcements, back-up cameras, and a monitoring system to alert staff of potential maintenance problems. The city will pay for the $2.8 million project with a combination of federal stimulus funds and state transit grant funding. Link to full story in Kalamazoo Gazette.

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