Recent study finds Apple iOS more crash-prone than Android

The iOS vs Android battle rages on – and Apple is losing talking points

This latest news about the two major mobile operating systems does not look good for Apple. A new report, created by the mobile analysis company Crittercism, provides a very good (and surprising) analysis of mobile operating system stability In short, Apple’s most recent release, 5.0.1, has almost 34% of all iOS crashes, and 28.6% of total crashes recorded. While this is just one study, this is awful news for Apple if it proves repeatable. Android is often decried as the less stable OS (critics usually point to its fragmentation) but if less crash-prone than iOS, Android could get a big boost in market and mind-share.

This is an issue that Apple will have to partner with developers to tacke. While the App Store is the largest market, many apps may have been created a year or two ago and not updated recently (nor updated by the user). If you’re interested in the study, Forbes.com has a great in-depth exploration (as well some great graphics) here.

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Corey McCarren

That’s pretty surprising. I’m an Android user and am almost an advocate for Apple due to all the trouble I’ve ran into using my phone. This study gives me a little bit of confidence that maybe my next Android phone will be much more stable. If Android for me wasn’t laggy with a million other small bugs, I’d love it.

Jerry Rhoads

I have both phones, an iPhone 4 and the HTC Thunderbolt. My Thunderbolt has to be rebooted every week or unexpected things start to happen –such as bluetooth not working. My iPhone gets rebooted when I do an update to the firmware.