Recession in the UK

On http://scotweb2.co.uk, we have been doing a series of posts on the recession, and what web2 might be able to do to help

Where to start ?

Written by alex stobart
9 May 2009

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It has been over a week since the last post, and where I live has made the news for all the wrong reasons. Edinburgh’s unemployment has risen by 72% in a year, and some of the particular wards by nearly 300%.

By the way, those terminals in the photo you can see ; I think one of them probably costs more than to develop a Facebook jobs page for the whole of Edinburgh. Does anyone know their retail price ?

Of course, most people could have seen this coming, unlike the credit crunch that took most unawares. Nevertheless, the official response to the rising numbers seems “underwhelming”.

Students and those aged between 16 and 25 are the fastest rising cohort. Many of them will face an endless round of what you will know if you have been through one of these before – sorry, you have not got the experience.

So at our companies we try to give as many people as many opportunities as possible so they can gain experience. SMEs are more flexible, and less constrained by large organisations. Our headcount is not poured over by the City of London analysts, or government statistics collectors.

I made the point some weeks ago about a Facebook for jobs. Our local job centre in St. Andrew’s Square was attacked on May 4th, and two windows and the door smashed. This may have been a comment on the service levels ; we shall see. One thing is sure – the perception that institutions have failed us is growing.

Some elements of the mix are picking up the baton. The further education sector in Glasgow had a success last month, and there will surely be others.

If any reader thinks they can build a Facebook for jobs, so that we can make the buy – offer process slicker, please get in touch through the comments – thanks

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Looking for work

Written by alex stobart
1 May 2009

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In the recent past, a number of people have been asking how they might find work – students, college workers, acquaintances. This experience must be happening across the UK.

What do people think ? Is there a top 5 method

1) Consider working for yourself. This strikes me as the easiest way to find work. If one side of your brain can persuade the other, and you can sell the idea to your partner, it will be the most rewarding move you ever make. If you do go this way, make sure to find others to help you and guide you.

There is a great business club here for example

2) The link above extols the virtues of networking and cold-calling. Joining local networks, professional networks and sectoral networks is one way of finding work. However, if you have already lost your job, this is starting late.

3) Read the newspapers, follow the internet and join in on threads and discussions. This may get you noticed and through a door.

4) Re-train in an area that is going to grow. In 20 years time there will be many more people working in care, in green jobs, in climate change reversal, in looking after the elderly and with the internet. These are almost guaranteed bets. There will be less white-collar professional jobs as more and more goes to the BRIC countries.

5) Ask for help – do not be afraid or too proud.

Leave a comment here or mail us at astobart at enterprising scotland dot co dot uk

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ScotWeb2 helping you in a recession

Written by alex stobart
26 April 2009

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Tony Restell and others are calling the end of the downturn for consultants, and a pick up from Q4 2009

If so, then why not read his excellent advice for CV

If you are in an industry sector that is about to start its downturn, or in the parts of the economy that are about to be hit, then perhaps you should be dusting down your CV and skills-set now.

The internet is now the richest repository of free advice of how to look for a job, and how to find one. However, I am sure someone once told me 60% of jobs are never advertised.

Also, there are lots of jobs created by number 1, otherwise known as you.

” Working for Yourself ” is how ScotWeb2 started. It does not sustain us, but 5 years ago who had heard of Guido Fawkes ? He is perhaps now able to live from his blog.

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Carol Davison

Alex, the US Government lists all its jobs on USAJOBS. Perhaps you can find an unemployed IT expert to build one like it for you. I don’t know facebook myself, so I wonder if it is of use to 40 sometihg people.