Reduce Risk, Cost, and Delay with Real-time Response


Some topics we are tracking: Guidance Software offers a service called EnCase Cybersecurity. Maximizing Network and Mobile User Performance. Discussions On Revising the Current Cybersecurity Bill. and more

Reduce Risk, Cost, and Delay with Real-time Response and Security Event Validation

Guidance Software offers a service called EnCase Cybersecurity. “EnCase Cybersecurity is the endpoint incident response and data auditing software solution designed to reduce costs and complexities associated with the incident response process and reduce the risk of exposing sensitive data to loss or theft”. Combining this software with other alerting and management tools will increase detection of endpoint incidents. The government has adopted this technology in aiding with tracking incidents. Training is available in three different formats: OnDemand Online Training, Mobile Training, and Annual Training Passport. Read More

Maximizing Network and Mobile User Performance

If your company needs to maximize network and mobile user performance, then Riverbed’s Wide Area Data Services maybe the option for you. Industrial Technology Systems was face with maintaining two exchange servers, application performance, and providing adequate services to mobile workers. After installing Riverbed’s Wide Area Data Service, they experienced a “60% to 70% reduction in data”. Performance was increased allowing employees to operate in a more practicable environment. Read More

The White House and Republican Leaders Revisit the Current Cybersecurity Bill

Discussions on a revised cybersecurity bill resumes although the mandatory budget cuts were signed into law. Last year the Republicans proposed a cybersecurity law that would provide large organizations coverage from being sued. An organization could share personal information pertaining to threats with DHS. The Department of Homeland Security could in turn share it with other intelligence agencies. “The White House wants a more comprehensive bill that also sets minimum security standards for vitally important companies”. Read More

Yahoo Is Expected To Shutdown Several Products Including The Blackberry app

Yahoo announces they will not support the app downloaded on Blackberry smartphones any more. The Yahoo app is one of several that will no longer be supported. The mega online search engine company will only support 12 to 15 apps out of their current 60 to 75 apps. You can say they are cleaning house of the unsuccessful products. Read More

Protecting My Privacy While I Surf the Internet

Protecting a user PII while they surf the internet has been at the forefront of many discussions until recently. Some companies that advertise on websites such as Facebook or Twitter would like to change the rule. These two companies receive most of their revenue from advertisements. A user’s search patterns are connected to specific advertisements. Most users are beginning to complain about their PII being shared over the internet. Recently all major browsers implemented an option called do not track. Do not track will prevent cookies or web crawlers from obtaining your information. Read More

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