Rehape Your Image for 2009

Imagine that you’ve just met a charismatic man (or woman) at Starbucks. You chat for a few minutes while you sip on your caramel macchiato latte, and the next thing you know you’ve been there so long your latte has gone cold, yet it seems like only a few seconds!

As you walk to your car, you conjure up the memory of your new friend in your mind. What you remember is appearance, voice, posture, clothes, and even smell; that is the image he (or she) left with you.

People will remember how you made them feel, but even these impressions can be hindered by distractions and incongruence between what you are saying and how you are presenting yourself visually.

The beginning of the year is always filled with fresh starts. Whether it is a new position, new interview or new contract, your image can enhance or detract from your ability to be successful.

What are you committed to do to place your image in alignment with your 2009 goals?

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