“Reinvent NYC.gov”

Last week, New York City announced its first ever hackathon aimed to revamp its web presence, NYC.gov. On July 30-31, teams of designers, developers, writers, photographers and product managers will gather at General Assembly in New York City and spend a weekend implementing their visions for a re-imagined NYC.gov. Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the contest in which “civic participation will meet the digital age.” The idea for community involvement in the city website’s redesign came from the Mayor’s “Road Map for the Digital City,” published in May.

Here are some more details about the hackathon:

  • Contestants apply to participate in the contest
  • A panel of judges selects 50 to 75 finalists to participate
  • Companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google will make their APIs available during the contest.
  • Entries will be judged on usability, experience, design, innovation versatility and viability. Working prototypes will then be on display for public feedback.
  • Prizes will be distributed to winners, though the city has not revealed details

Interested contestants can apply at online at http://www.reinventnycgov.com/

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