Reminder about tomorrow’s NCDD Confab on Rockefeller’s GATHER

Confab bubble imageDon’t forget to register for tomorrow’s confab call! From 2:00 to 3:00 pm Eastern on November 20th, we’ll be talking with Rob Garris and Noah Rimland Flower about the Rockefeller Foundation’s new publication GATHER: The Art & Science of Effective Convening.

The Rockefeller Foundation and Monitor Institute released GATHER earlier this year as a free hands-on guidebook for all convening designers and social change leaders who want to tap into a group’s collective intelligence and make substantial progress on a shared challenge.

The call will provide a great opportunity to learn more about how foundations are thinking about their role as convenors, and think through your own role and strategies as a convenor. Our featured speakers tomorrow are Rob Garris, Managing Director at Rockefeller Foundation (Rob oversees their Bellagio conference center, and oversaw the creation of GATHER) and Noah Rimland Flower of the Monitor Institute (one of GATHER’s two co-authors). NCDD’s Board Chair, Marla Crockett, will be facilitating tomorrow’s call.

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