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Research Positions Open at Kettering Foundation

We’re glad to pass on this request from the Kettering Foundation:
“The Charles F.
Kettering Foundation offers one-year research positions at our Dayton, Ohio
offices to doctoral candidates and recent Ph.D.’s. Research Associates receive
excellent full-time compensation and benefits including medical insurance.
As an operating
research foundation, Kettering explores practical ways that democracy can be
strengthened. The research, done in collaboration with people and organizations
around the world, emphasizes the roles of citizens and the qualities of their
interactions as decision-making actors in public life. We
especially encourage applications from scholars who have interests in topics
such as deliberative democracy, civic engagement, social capital, civic
education, civil society, and social movements, regardless of discipline or
For more information on
the position, including the application guidelines, please visit our
Please contact me with
any questions.

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