Resistence is Futile

I came across a Mashable Post where Reuters is telling AP to stop Whining.

“This week he responded with a blog post comparing AP to the lawsuit-happy music industry, saying that the incumbents “haven’t been keeping up” and encouraging news leaders like AP to “stop whining”:
“Let’s stop whining and start having real conversations across party lines. Let’s get online publishers, search engines, aggregators, ad networks, and self-publishers (bloggers) in a virtual room and determine how we can all get along.”

I see alot of discussions, not a lot of solutions. If we had a top 10 list here, this week that was developed that would benefit everyone the most what would that look like? Could we possibly even dare to attempt to determine what is the single 2 or 3 greatest needs across all agencies, given each’s unique mission?
IS it Effective Information Dissemination to the public? If it is then, why not create a

1) Standardized Web 2.0/Social enabled news room web/pages across every single agency which links to a sort of Fed news aggregation model. Any takers?

2) A sinble recipricating link placedc on EVERY single Federal Agency’s Home page, Facebook, Twitter, Blog linking to other Fed Agencies so the public can find other agencies easier.

3) USA JOBs link on Every Federal Agency Webpage (high enough to be found)








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