Reuniting America: A Toolkit for Changing the Political Game

Joseph McCormick, co-founder of Reuniting America, and humorist Steve Bhaerman have just released a new e-Book directly relevant to our national situation, Reuniting America: A Toolkit for Changing the Political Game. As old top-down ways of governing prove inadequate in the face of increasing complexity, it is a manifesto for a transpartisan “grassroots up-wising.” Download at http://transpartisan-affiliates.org/ for $9.97.

In the face of galloping “corporatocracy,” it is intended to direct attention to the early signs of a new, cooperative form of political behavior emerging from the bottom-up as green-progressives find common cause with “conservatarians” in mutual pursuit of localism. It is a practical guide for catalyzing this movement-of-movements based on eight years of research into the principles and practices needed to transform the political game from win/lose to win/win.

“The transpartisan movement has begun to move America beyond the stale partisan rhetoric and fixed bayonets of past arguments…and look anew at old challenges that unite Americans more than they divide us.”
– Grover Norquist, conservative activist, President, Americans for Tax Reform

“The transpartisan movement is beginning to foster so much communication across the partisan boundaries that the boundaries themselves are beginning to be much more porous.”
– Al Gore, Former Vice President

Download the e-book now to “change the discussion to what 80% of us can agree on,” and help the authors spread this toolkit far and wide (consider joining their affiliate program and sharing with your networks).

Resource link: http://transpartisan-affiliates.org/

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