Samsung with 12″ Tablet in the Works, Spotify for Android and more

  • As the Samsung-Apple war heats up, hopefully we will continue to get some of these tidbits!

    While most of the patent disputes are ugly things, sometimes you get some really cool information out of them. One such piece of infomation is that Samsung is preparing an 11.8″ tablet, with an extremely high resolution display; 2560×1600. It is also to have LTE connectivity, and (in my opinion) most likely a quad-core Samsung Exynos CPU. An 11.8″ tablet is going to be expensive, so we shall see how well it sells. Via Droid-Life, more here.

  • Facebook rolls out “save for later” feature for all mobile posts. While it is very feature slim at the moment, it is possible it could replace other “read it later” options. I use Pocket myself, which is great, but people are likely to opt for a solution that is a part of an application they use daily anyways. Facebook’s new feature has the opportunity to change the way users save stories. Via iMore, more here.
  • One of the killer applications for Android is the GMail application. An avid Google Apps user, their suite is a real difference maker. To that end, they have updated the GMail iOSapp. The changes in this recent update are;
    • Smoother animation and scrolling on iPhone and iPod touch.
    • Save picture attachments to your photo library. Touch and hold an image to save it.
    • Bug Fixes

Google wins so long as they keep users on GMail and other Google properties, thus is it imperative for them to maintain a high-quality of applications across all operating systems. Via 9to5Mac, more here.

  • Spotify, one of the favorite apps of music lovers everywhere has finally made its way to Android. Spotify is also plugged deeply into Facebook, creating something of a social music experience. Spotify offers up to 30 days of their premium service free for new Spotify users. Via Google Play Store, more here.
  • Hulu Plus is now on Apple TV. This is a huge win for Apple, as it increases the amount of content Apple TV offers for streaming. While this may be in reaction to the sale of Roku to Newscorp, it certainly solidifies the Apple TV’s place in the world of media streamers. Via Gizmodo, more here.

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