On a Scale from 1 to 10, How Attractive are You?

Author and late motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said, “Success is something you attract by the person you become.” Rohn of course, isn’t referring to external attractiveness, rather the internal kind.

So again, I ask how attractive are you on the inside?

If you want success and all that it brings, you have to become a better, more attractive person.


Rohn continues, “Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development.”

You become attractive by developing yourself into the person you need to be in order to attract, create, and sustain the level of success you want in your life.

How so?

In his book, The Morning Miracle, author Hal Elrod says that we all want “Level 10” success in every area of our lives, such as:






Yet our level of personal development is not currently at a “Level 10”. Personal development can be summed up as the following:





So when Rohn says, “Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development,” he means that if your knowledge, experience, mindset and beliefs are not also at a “Level 10”, you will never experience “Level 10” happiness in any significant area of your life.

Life will always be a struggle, because, as he states, our outer world will always be a reflection of our inner world. Your level of success or lack thereof will always parallel your level of personal development.

Personal development starts by taking 100 percent responsibility for everything in your life. This includes the level of your achievements, the results you produce or lack thereof, the quality of your relationships, the state of your health, your income, your debts, your feelings, your thoughts and emotions.

That isn’t always easy. Why?

Because most of us have been conditioned to blame something outside of ourselves for the parts of our life that we don’t like or aren’t working. For instance, do you blame any of the following people/situations for the setbacks in your life or for not having achieved everything you could’ve?











Lack of Money

Lack of Education

The President


The list is endless.
“If you want your life to be different, you have to be willing to do something different first.”
– Kevin Bracy

If you are going to be successful in any area of your life, you first have to believe that you are capable of making it happen. I start with this as a groundwork because self-esteem is the single most significant key to your behavior.

Motivational Speaker Zig Ziglar said, “It’s impossible to consistently behave in a manner inconsistent with how we see ourselves.” You have to believe you can do it. You have to believe you have the knowledge, skills and abilities to create the results you desire. If you believe you are worthless, you will not be motivated to add value to yourself. It all comes down to your attitude.

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