Scan the APD QR Code for Contact Info!

At first glance this may not look like a useful tool, but many of you can scan it with your smart phone or other device and pull up the contact information for the Arcadia Police Department. The Department address, phone number, website, and even our Twitter tag are listed in the code. Known as a “QR” or two-dimensional code, this type of information is being used more and more to provide a quick look at contact or business information, similar to a business card. The APD QR code has been placed on the blog side-bar for ready use by visitors.

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Allen Sheaprd


Its a great idea for early adopters of the phones. I hope more QRs are added for ‘non emergencies” suspected child abuse, public contact info.

In my IT building only a few have phones that can scan these tags. Quite a few of us have not turned internet access on our phones. We do not want our kids surfing the net while we are not around.

Tom Le Veque

Thanks Dustin & Allen! As we learn more about how to really apply things like this, we will no doubt find ways to make it very simple to access tips, calls for service, and more. Nothing fancy with this one, but I think it helps head us in the right direction improving accessibility.

I have had a good run with my kids over the years. Taught them as best we could, used some parental controls, and monitored activity (sometimes after the fact). I am the only one with an Internet phone in the family…justified the cost to my better half as a work expense. My oldest probably thinks that I am just cheap.

Allen Sheaprd


Yea kids are smart about parental controls. They could not defete the V-chip on the TV nor break the code. Instead he un-plugged it for 15 min. Let it reset and then walked through the menue enough to get it going again to watch “South Park” I was amused, proud and angry all at the same time.

I hope the logos can help people re-connect to public safety. The gap between citizens and the public starts early My son’s kindergarden made a “Me !” booklet for fathers day. Each kid said what they liked and what their parents did. Mine thought I worked in a toy factory – lots of lights and whirly things in the computer room. A sworn officer’s kid said “my dad shoots people” It was not a good moment.

I’m not sure how to use social media in an outreach fasion. So much of social media is simply letting good folks share good ideas. Here younger kids are curious. A “law of the day” – for there are tens of thouands to choose from. Or quick fact – number of tickets written, how often a bike is stolen, how much time one gets for graffitte, how many people loose a job over gang activity, etc.

Tom Le Veque

You are describing a bit of what we are trying to do with our #SM presence. I like the moments you describe with your son…not so much the LEO’s. I was lucky enough to talk to my youngest daughter’s class recently and it is eye opening to hear the take on my profession from the kids. The list of blame has many sides…one that hits home locally has to do with obvious budget cuts…we are down to one school resource officer for about 17 schools. No more DARE or SANE programs…our presence has become reactionary for the most part.

You spark some thought for me though about reaching out to younger folk. We put out a “weekly tip” but it targets adults. I am working on getting our high school more involved and that may bring a younger face to some of our work.

Thanks for taking the time to exchange thoughts!