Secure: Air Traffic Control Communications

Are you aware that our nation’s air traffic control communications are unsecure? Do you know that anyone can get on these communications channels and issue false air traffic control commands to passenger aircraft? Even though incidents occur at an alarming rate, our government has done nothing to correct the underlying problem, unsecured tower operations.

The threat this problem represents to every person that boards an aircraft is real. A well-planned attack could have devastating effects. The solution is easy; add an “authentication key” to air traffic communications. The device would allow receivers to distinguish between legitimate and bogus transmissions eliminating the problem for pilots. Learn more about this problem and how to correct it at: http://www.change.org/petitions/secure-air-traffic-control-communications

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Jim Epik

Chris, you would think after twenty years the FAA would have done something about the problem. Please let your friends know about the problem and the petition.