Securing Government Desktops from Cyber Threats with the Latest KVM Technology

Cyber attacks on government systems are increasing at an exponential rate. Over a three-year period, government agencies reported a 400-percent increase in attempted incursions into federal systems. While there is no current data on the number of attempts to compromise intelligence and defense computer systems, they are no doubt under similar stress as foreign governments, terrorists, and malicious hackers target classified data and government documents, attempt to shut down networks and destroy valuable infrastructure, and steal intellectual property.

One of the least understood and most under-utilized preventative measures for thwarting attacks is the use of keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) switching devices that allow government employees to switch between networks with various security levels from one desktop. NIAP Certified Advanced Secure DVI-I KVM Switches offer superior security and data cyber threat protection by providing true data path isolation between systems and networks. These switches prevent peripherals from being used to leak information from desktop computers via video and audio devices, keyboards, and smart card readers using USB ports. Additional security is provided through an end-to-end tamper-proof system.

To learn more about Advanced Secure DVI-I KVM Switches see the video: http://bit.ly/MoOyEW.

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