Seeing the Digital Future: 1961 AT&T Video on The Challenge of Change

In a short time we have come a long way, says this video (embedded below) from the AT&T Archives. The piece, from 1961, will make you smile at some of the technology considered state of the art at the time. That’s reason enough to watch it. But you may also enjoy the great, relevant messages on the need to be ready for change. That is an enduring message. Much of the video’s introduction is about trying to help the viewer get ready for changes to business processes because of disruptive technologies.

Part of the video is bragging about solutions that were state of the art at the time, like a phone that can put people on hold so you can talk to other people and even conference in two people at once. Cool! There was a funny commentary on the “Space Age” meaning offices running out of space to file paperwork. There was also a very neat demonstration of how a phone might be able to read a punch card and transmit the data to another phone. You will also see a funny “beeper”. More importantly, you will see some pretty fantastic ideas of what the future may one day hold.

You will also hear an old saying. “The more things change the more they stay the same.” I think they got that one right. I also think DARPA has been watching this, since it provides a great suggestion for a Rocket Delivery service. For more, check the video out below:

Seeing The Digital Future

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