Seen This? Government transparency with the help of web 2.0

Very cool new capability from web 2.0 firm, Apture. Check it out on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdX5wilmh4M

Or hear are some details from Apture:

A few months ago Apture announced a partnership with the Washington Post that improved visibility into the workings of the Federal Government by exposing a rich set of information related to elected lawmakers on Capitol HIll. Without leaving the page you could see:

* Financial disclosures of all members of Congress
* Voting records such as votes against a Congressperson’s party and missed votes
* Information about specific Congressional Bills
* And the ability to send an email to a Congressperson directly from the Washington Post

But starting today, all Apture links in the Washington Post Congress browser will be enhanced with videos from that Congressperson’s YouTube Channel, and if it exists, with their Twitter streams. Now readers can see their Senator’s latest blog posts and speeches on the Senate floor – right alongside that Senator’s official Twitter stream and voting history – just one click from where their name appears on the washingtonpost.com.

What is very interesting is that by making this new content accessible to readers at the moment of curiosity, publishers can increase awareness of political issues and become more engaged with what Congress members are up to in government. As one Apture user said, “real commitment…is predicated not simply upon intellectual, but also upon profound emotional engagement.”

Apture’s new Congress Browser is now live across the Washington Post’s entire site and is available to all of Apture users by searching for a Congressperson’s name in Apture Media Hub. With the addition of YouTube channels, Apture now has almost 100 content providers integrated into Apture and the library of innovative content types is growing every month!

Here is a demonstration of it live on the washingtonpost.com:


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Allen Magtibay

Susan thank you for posting information about the Apture product. The demo on how it is used on the Washington Post website is pretty cool. I’m already starting to think of how I can use this product for my own social networking site USPHS World. Thanks again.