Self perpetuating system

Read the job duties listed for various postings under America Job – the Govt. Job Search Report. The text is mind numbing and will likely discourage those with energy, enthusiasm and initiative from pursuing jobs with the federal government. Those who do enter may be quickly worn down by the slow pace of change, admonitions from “veteran” employees, and by the recognition that with new political leadership, projects which they have been carefully developing may be scrapped. Some of the young, ambitious workers will leave public service at this point while others, sometimes burdened by school loans, mortgages and other family obligations may stay on the job but lose their zeal. We need to prevent such loss of passion, be it through job exchanges with private companies, in-service training that truly leads to promotion and new responsibilities, or competitions to organize demonstration programs, and the like. Otherwise, we perpetuate the bureaucracy so graphically portrayed in Leonard Drohan’s 1957 novel “Come with Me to Macedonia”

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