Serve Your Community With Recommendations On Who To Follow On Twitter is a web application designed to help Twitter users find the right people to follow and learn more from the ever expanding dialog underway there. It provides features like twitter lists, directories and content summation as well as easy ways to curate and offer recommendations to others in the community.

TwitChimp provides many free services, including the ability to create a list and share it as well as the ability to embed any list and use other discovery tools. Many paid upgrades are also available.

Our goal is to use TwitChimp to serve the community. We offer free upgrades to our premium plan for anyone curating lists on Twitter for the public good. To take advantage of this offer for a free upgrade, use your Twitter account to log into, either import an existing Twitter list or create a new list at TwitChimp, and then follow @MyTwitChimp and send us a DM and we will upgrade your account.

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