SharePoint as a Service Catalog

SharePoint as a Service Catalog SharePoint can be used as a repository for the definition of services. This same repository can be published to potential and existing customers to enable them to understand services available to them, how to order, service to be expected, know which services they’ve purchased as well as introduce new services that are to become available. While SharePoint is not a Relational Database, which is needed to manage the configuration of applications, hardware and processes needed to support service catalog functions, Business Connectivity Services and PerformancePoint provide the means to integrate and augment current CMDB functions in System Center Operations Manager and System Center Configuration Manager.

With each Service defined as a configuration of these components, a Bill of Material can be generated from a request for validation and provisioning in a more efficient manner. An “onestop” shop for both End User and Service Operations Manager. Instead of having to discover an End User doesn’t have a prerequisite component the Bill of Material acts as a checklist of accounts and permissions needed to be in place.

Additionally as Businesses move towards a Service Orientation billing for these services accurately become critical. The Bill of Materials for services provides an accurate categorization of billable items the end user can understand.

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