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I had a great opportunity to share the way that the Arcadia Police Department is using Social Media platforms to interact with the community this past week. On Thursday morning, the Arcadia High School PTA invited us to their monthly PTSA meeting where I was able to demonstrate APD’s use of Nixle for instant and emergency communications, along with sharing the APD Blog, Facebook, and Twitter presence with the parents and staff at the meeting.
At one point during the presentation, I asked the group how many of them had a cell phone with them: not surprising, I saw no hand down when they responded. In an effort to emphasize the fact that by using Nixle, parents would be able to receive emergency alerts direct from their police department, I urged them, right then, to text their zip code to the Nixle at 888777. Within a minute or so, I heard tone and message indicators throughout the room acknowledging their connection to Nixle and emergency alert information from APD. I added that texting the zip code was only partially benefiting from the the service and shared how to fully enroll for not only emergency alerts, but also advisory information, community broadcasts, and traffic notifications. By visiting www.ArcadiaPD.org or the Nixle website directly, you can fully subscribe for the Arcadia Police Department Community Wire on Nixle, free of charge and free of spam or advertisement.
The PTA meeting was well attended and it is great to see the involvement and commitment from the school parents, staff, and the administration from AHS. The Arcadia Police Department enjoys a great working relationship with not only AHS, but all the schools throughout the City, as well as the Arcadia Unified School District. Thank you to the PTA for allowing me to share our work with you!
Sgt. Tom Le Veque

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