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I just found word of this 25 August webinar on the Carahsoft website and wanted to share it. I plan on attending to get the latest on i2-based anti-fraud solutions. i2 is widely known in our community as the gold standard for dynamic analysis of links and relationships for investigations. And they are known for working with others in the software stack (including working with great tools like Thetus and Endeca). So if you are sick of having glitzy tools rammed down your throat by aggressive sales forces who manipulate your bosses into buying both their software and their overpriced engineers (sorry for the mini-rant, but there is too much of that going on today), then arm yourself with some knowledge on this tool. Getting facts and seeing real solutions will help you push back when you are under assault by the super smarmy vendors who are better at making wild claims than they are delivering capability.

i2 has been innovating their approaches and changing what they can do. If you, like me, are in need of an update you may want to check this out.

Here is more from the Carahsoft site:

i2′s Fraud Solution – Helping Keep You One Step Ahead

Register now to join i2 solution experts as they discuss how their fraud solution can help you keep up with the ever changing and complicated methods fraudsters and criminal organizations are using to conduct their crimes, hiding critical investigative clues in a complex layer of transactional data.

During this webcast you will discover how i2’s products allow you to keep on the cutting edge by:

  • Saving time with automated data ingestion and organization
  • Rich extraction, analysis, and visualization capabilities that turn large quantities of data into actionable information.
  • Quickly identifying gate keepers and key players in target networks with social network analysis tools
  • Dynamic analysis of data through multiple methods of representing information including geospatial, association, temporal, spreadsheet, and statistical views
  • Enabling analysts and investigators to share evidence and analytic results in near real-time

Sign up now, or click here to register for future access to the archived recording if you are unable to attend.


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i2 Federal at Carahsoft
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888-662-2724 (Toll-Free)
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